YFX Physical Theatre

YFX physical Theatre was born out of the life work of world-class performing artists Todd Farley and Adriel Ruben. Deeply rooted in multiple forms of physical theatre, YFX offers a new voice in Downtown Detroit.

The founders of YFX have a rich history in the theatre world.

Like many artists, they too have a history of human struggle, as they have wrestled to be real in a world that sometimes prefers its masquerades and politics to being truly human.

Join the revival of Detroit rebirth!

YFX is currently offering workshop clinics on Mondays at 1515 Broadway, in the heart of Downtown Detroit. We will be posting our show schedule and are excited about our summer workshop and tours taking place in late June through August. If you wish to be part of the two-week workshop and tours, be sure to contact us!

Join the revival of Detroit rebirth!  Join YFX Physical Theatre.